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Welcome to Airsoft Monkey!
Written by ORCA   

Airsoft Monkey offers the following features:

  • Airsoft Shopper Tool - This applications mines multiple airsoft forums and their classifieds sections. Which will hopefully help you find airsoft deals, or hard to find airsoft items.
  • Guides
  • Reviews (Not just Airsoft)
  • Manual Repository
  • and other items related to airsoft

Our valued contributors:

  • Beserk DS - Airsoft retailer employee
  • Iron Horse - OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast
  • Kyle - PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" :D
  • Ning - Professional photographer and Redback One Marketing Director
  • Wedge - DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps - Entertainment industry professional and PTS by Magpul representative.
  • Lawrence - USMC Veteran. Very active in airsoft community as a collector, event coodinator and player. Airsoft retailer employee
  • and ORCA

All our contributors are known, experienced airsofters with first hand airsoft experience and knowledge.

Airsoft Monkey is a review mirror site of

A huge thanks to all contributors, partners and sponsors.

Have a good time,

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 08:14