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Airsoft Monkey - Facebook Contest
Written by ORCA   

Were having a Facebook Giveaway Contest! Entering is easy and free. Click the link below for details.
SHOT Show 2013
Written by ORCA   

How we roll...

Airsoft Monkey's Staff had another epic time at SHOT Show 2013! This year, we had the pleasure of having our friends Kevin (Point and Shoot Media Works) and Blake (Nakamura Exposures) join our team.

The crew:

  • Kevin - Point and Shoot Media Works
  • Blake - Nakamura Exposures
  • Zak (Bottlelot) Holman - Investigative Journalist / Freelance Videographer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Avid gun shooter.
  • New Aziel - Airsoft and gun store employee and gun enthusiast.
  • kChanko - PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" :D
  • Wedge - DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • and ORCA

This year we were able to attend multiple range days. This happens the day before SHOT Show, where you can actually shoot many offerings from firearms manufacturers. Any pictures or video taken outdoors were taken at these range days. Indoor shots or video were taken at SHOT Show. We were also fortuante to attend many industry parties this year.



Zak did an awesome job as usual in filming editing and delivering video. His SHOT Show 2013 Videos are here -

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Welcome to Airsoft Monkey!
Written by ORCA   

Airsoft Monkey offers the following features:

  • Airsoft Shopper Tool - This applications mines multiple airsoft forums and their classifieds sections. Which will hopefully help you find airsoft deals, or hard to find airsoft items.
  • Guides
  • Reviews (Not just Airsoft)
  • Manual Repository
  • and other items related to airsoft

Our current valued contributors:

  • Beserk DS - Airsoft retailer employee
  • Iron Horse - OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast
  • Kyle - PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" :D
  • Ning - Professional photographer and Redback One Marketing Director
  • Wedge - DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps - Entertainment industry professional and PTS by Magpul representative.
  • Lawrence - USMC Veteran. Very active in airsoft community as a collector, event coodinator and player. Airsoft retailer employee
  • and ORCA

All our contributors are known, experienced airsofters with first hand airsoft experience and knowledge.

Airsoft Monkey is a review mirror site of

A huge thanks to all contributors, partners and sponsors.

Have a good time,

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