Tokyo Marui, 2005 Lineup Calendar
Written by ORCA   
This calendar was included in the Feb 2005 issue of Arms magazine. This was a 4 fold inside the magazine so I stitched it back together as best I could. If you want a cleaner version of this Calendar, please buy yourself a copy of Feb 2005 ARMS Magazine.

This is Marui's Marketing Departments commitment to what can be delivered by Marui this year, 2005 (AEG, Gas, Boys, Spring Rifle and Shotgun).

Missing in the lineup for 2005:
  • CAR15
  • XM177E2
  • SIG 550
  • SIG 551
  • Military AUG
  • G3A3
  • G3A4
  • SPAS12 Full Stock
All guns on the 2005 Calendar will probably be manufactured this year or at least delivered in 2005. (Meaning as far as Marui's Marketing Department goes, the P90 is still a viable product. This should help dispell or confirm rumors of what will be mfg'd or not).

This calendar does not show any new guns that will be released later this year like the Type 89 or M14. It only shows previously released guns.