EOTech 511 and 553 Holographic Weapon Sight
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: EOTech (USA)
Type: Holographic Weapon Sight

With the assistance of AEX... I finally bit the bullet... Brought home the EOTech 511.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight.

EOTech 551.A65 Mounted on M4-S System

So the big questions are:

Q: Is it worth $350.00+???
A: If you can afford it, then yes. But for airsoft players with limited budgets, the Chinese copy aimpoints and redots work just fine.

Q: Are the optics that much better then a sub $100.00 reddot?
A: Yes, build wise this things rugged and was built to take a beating. If the lens gets damaged, the holographic dot will try and work on a non damaged portion of the lens. It's waterproof and since it was built for real steel rifles, very shock proof. The holographic dot is drawn by a laser against a holographic coated lense.  Most other red dot systems use led's reflecting on a lense.  The holographic image is extremly bright shows up easily in direct sunlight with 20 levels of adjustment.

EOTech 551.A65 Mounted on M4-S System

I went with the N size battery model for the shorter looks. The AA version while physically longer, has a much longer battery life.

EOTech 551.A65 Mounted on M4-S System


  • Waterproof 10 feet or 33 feet depending on model
  • 4 or 8 Hour Auto Shutdown
  • 200 Hour (N Battery) or 1100 Hour  (AA Battery) Battery Life
  • Reticle is 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA dot.

EOTech 551.A65 Mounted on MK46 Mod0 (M249 Para with rails)

EOTech 551.A65 Mounted on MK46 Mod0 closeup

EOTech 551.A65 Operator View in direct sunlight.

EOTech 551 Scopecoat

EOTech 551 Scopecoat

AEX Bruiser's EOTech 553

EOTech 553 Flat Dark Earth

The EOTech 553 features:

  • Integrated dual A.R.M.S. quick release throw levers.
    Powered by two 123 lithium batteries
    7mm raised base to provide consistant cheek weld with all other standardized optics
    66 feet water submersibility
    Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof, and temperature proof
    Battery cup tether
    Gen I-III+ Night Vision Compatible
    20 brightness levels
    Reticle pattern with 65 MOA and 1 MOA aiming dot
    SOPMOD Block 2 program approved

EOTech 553 Flat Dark Earth.

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