Pelican - #1600 Case
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: Pelican Case (USA)

Pelican - #1600 Case - Carries 9 handguns

With the amount of airsoft I own and the fact I usually only worry about my long arms when it comes to carry bags/cases, it was about time to concentrate on my growing handgun collection.

After searching for 6-8 pistol, ready made cases and not finding anything that suited my needs, I came across the Pelican Line of cases. I was initially more impressed by the cases they customize for long arms, but I found a neat solution for my handguns from this site: CPD

So after mulling around the site and drooling at their solutions for long arms, I settled on the #1600 with "Pick and Pluck" foam system, so I can customize the fit for my guns.

Pelican - #1600 Case - All 9 handguns... Problem is I got more then 9...

My goal was to get something a bit more transportable then carrying multiple pistol cases, with something that can easily be modified later if my mix of guns changes or I decide to use this for case something else.

With all 9 guns and related accessories fitted within the case it weighs over 40lbs, but the heavy duty build of the Pelican can take the load with no problem.

To customize the foam inserts with the "Pick and Pluck" foam system was easy. The hard part was deciding how to arrange the guns, for a maximum number of them to fit and still make sure the foam config would be secure enough. The nice thing is if i choose to use this case later for something different, I can always get replacement "Pick and Pluck" foam.

Downside is the case is a bit expensive, but the fact it secures and makes 9 handguns easily transportable is great. Just for the purpose of gun storage it's great
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