Star S-Point Red Dot Sight
Written by ORCA   


Star S-Point Sight Mounted on a G36c

I wanted to get a compact red dot that sat low profile enough to use the iron sight on my G36c. The Star S-Point fille dthe requirement.

The Star S-Point is a clone of the Zeiss Z-Point sight. Physically it's a good copy. Functionally there's room for improvement even among the many red dot copies out there.

There is only 1 brightness setting which is either on or off, adn the body seem sto be mostly made of plastic. I'm also a but worried about the durability of the spring loaded rail clamp and even the sigle button switch.

Star S-Point Sight Mounted on a G36c

Overall, get this sight for looks alone. Functionality wise, a Guarder or King Arms Aimpoint clone at least has variable brightness.

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2007 12:54