G&P - Special Forces Goggles
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: G&P (Hong Kong)
Type: Tactical Gear

The G&P Special Forces Goggles are copies of Oakley A-frame Goggle . I refer to these as Feauxkleys ;) But for a copy, at $30.00 they're not a bad deal. Although I don't know how the lense on this goggle will actaully protect you. 

G&P Special Forces Goggles

I'm not too sure why G&P copied the A-frame goggles over the actual E-frame goggles Oakley made for their SI (Standard Issue) Military/Tactical product line. Possibly the A-frame was already copied, not neccesarily for sale into the airsoft market, and G&P got a hold of the design. The G&P goggles doosn't compare to the real Oakley SI goggles. The quality of materials/build is very appearent and far superior on the real Oakleys.

G&P Special Forces Goggles and real Oakley SI Military Goggles

The G&P goggle is good for a spare set though. But even at more then half the price of the real Oakly A-frames, it's probably best to save up to get the real Oakleys.

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