AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light
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Manufacturer: AMP Tactical
Type: Combo Tactical Light Laser.

Available at AEX!

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light - Includes Light/Laser Module, Coiled Remote Switch (Pigtail), 2x CR123a Batteries, Allen Wrench.

The AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light is a close copy of the ITI (Insight Technologies) M6 Light/Laser, but with some added features. It has both a Xenon tactical weapon light and Class IIIa laser in a single unit.

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light - Right Side showing rail pressure attachment.

The body is plastic with a spring loaded rail pressure attachment. The unit uses 2x CR123a lithium batteries (included)

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light - Left Side.

Even though the body is plastic, the build quality is solid. Xenon bulbs give off alot of heat and the plastic body keeps this unit cool. With batteries install the unit has good weight.

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light - Rear View showing controls.

It has an constant On/Off switch on the left rear of the unit. This switch is automatically disabled when the momentary On/Off coiled remote pigtail switch is attached. The bottom rear of the unit is the Mode Switch. When rotated it lets you select, OFF - LIGHT/LASER - LIGHT ONLY - LASER ONLY - OFF. There are also windage and elevation allen screws on the bottom of the unit to adjust the laser.

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light -Top G&P M3 Light Bottom for size comparison.

As seen above, the unit is compact in size, but with almost the same power and added laser compared to the G&P M3 Weapon Light.

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light -left. Surefire 6P - Middle. G&P M3 Light - Right.

The AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light kicks off a littel less Lumens as a real Surefire 6p (65 Lumens). Not sure on battery life so far with the added use of the laser though. Will post those finding later.

AMP Tactical - Tac Laser-Light Mounted with pigtail. Perfect for railed rifles.

The included coiled remote pigtail switch is a great added feature that the real ITI M6 doesn't have. This lets you mount the unit on any railed weapon giving you the freedom to use the switch where it's most comfortable.

Real Steel Testing!

Tested in indoor range this morning. Tested mounted on:

  • Kimber Warrior - .45ACP
  • SA XD 5" - .45ACP
  • S&W M&P - .40 S&W
  • Sig P226 - 9mm
  • Bushmaster Carbon 15 - 9mm
  • Berretta CX-4 9mm

The Light/Laser unit held up well. Laser position did not move due to recoil, always stayed on target. Light was not effected by recoil. Showed no signs of dimming or any electrical problems during firings.  There are no noticeable sings of wear when compared this unit to a "virgin" unit. Gun powder residue needs to be cleaned out though ;(

Edit 03/2007

Bulb burned out ;( Laser works fine.  Bulb bunred out due to me placing the unit in a pouch adn it rested on the power switch. Not a standard bulb so looking for replacement.

Ended up taking it back to AEX and they exchanged it for a new unit. Got lucky.

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