ICS - AN/PEQ with Laser (Battery Pack)
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: ICS (Taiwan)

This was my 2nd attempt to use a larger battery on my M4 R.I.S. This unit is mostly plastic and had the ICS Laser and remote pressure switch attached. I added a GRS 9.6v 1700Mah battery to the setup and it did the job of adding a larger capacuty battery and accomodate my M203.

M4 with ICS AN/PEQ Installed

This battery box is about 3 times wider then the stock M4 R.I.S. battery pack and does add alot more weight to the front of the gun (Not good for my setup with an M203 already on there. ICS built this mostly out of plastic which includes the RIS attachment part which may end up cracking if torqued down too much. The laser worked as advertised, I just never used the laser in a skirmish. It was a little tough to get it aligned but I eventually was able to.

Overall it does its' job adding a larger battery to an M4 with collapsible stock. But the laser isn't really needed cept to show off to friends.
Last Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2007 12:31