Retailer - Guns -n- Guys - Hong Kong
Written by ORCA   

Hong Kong

Guns -n- Guys is an interesting Hong Kong based retailer.

Their website is outdated and not the best e-shopping experience. - No search. Not logically categorized.

All they prices are listed in Hong Kong dollars. - Which isn't a bad thing if you're converting US dollars.  But it does mean you have to do a little research.

Their shopping cart / website would have you believe they do NOT accpet Paypal. - You need to tell them in your order comments, or in your follow up email you would like to use paypal and they will give you the details. They ACCEPT Paypal.

So why would you go through all that work to buy from them?  They get alot of Japanese airsoft products before other HK retailers do.  Sometimes by a few weeks.  Even though you do have to manually convert Hong Kong dollars, in most cases those prices when converted, prices are lower then most other HK based retailers.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2007 05:19