Retailer - Airsoftclan - Hong Kong
Written by ORCA   

Hong Kong

I've only made 1 purchase from back in 2003. A deal on a Sun Project M203 RIS with trades dremeled off. The deal actually came off an classified ad.

The guy I dealt with was nice enough and a few weeks after paypaling him money, I received what was promised. (I'm really not sure why there was a delay unless they didn't actually have stock)

Airsoftclan's website is SLOW to load and it seems that it hasn't been updated in at least 6-8 months. A few broken links/missing pages. So for eye candy or new release information, there are many other better sites to view.

Overall they seem ok to deal with. They just don't seem to take the airsoft biz that seriously.Update 1/2007

Airsoftclan has updated their web shopping engine in 2006.  There seems to be many inaccuracies in their product postings though and I'm still not 100% confident with reordering from them at this time.

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