How To: Attach a Harris Style Bipod
Written by ORCA   

How to attach a Harris style bipod.

I was recently asked this by an Arnie's member and even though it's a simple thing for me since I've owned many Harris style bipods, as I was trying to explain how to install it over email, I realized it's not a simple thing to explain without some visual aid. 

The Harris style bipod is an ingenious design. It's made to work with a sling swivel stud. Some rifles already have them pre-installed and some you need to add a stud to.

To attach the Harris style bipod to this sling swivel stud, you first need to loosen the big screw on the bipod itself. You'll notice as you loosen the big screw, the "Pincher Mechanism" (For lack of a better description) will also loosen and you can pinch the end that's on the side of the Big Screw. Some bipod will already have a sling swivel stud attached. Just take the included one off and save for use on a rifle that needs it.

At some point the "Pincher Mechanism" will be loose enough to fit around the sling swivel. You may have to drill out the sling swivel holes (I had to do this in a Tanaka M700) for it to fit. Once the "Pincher Mechanism" is in the Sling Swivel Stud holes, You can tighten the Big Screw. This will pull the bipod tight to the rifle stock

You don't need to tighten the Big Screw too much, just enough for the fit to be snug. You'll notice once properly attached, a Harris style bipod is a very solid fitting device. Unlike a Versapod style bipod.

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