G&P 587 AK Tactical Conversion Kit
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: G&P,(Hong Kong)
Type: Body Conversion

G&P 587 AK Tactical Conversion Kit on TM AK47

The G&P 587 AK Tactical Conversion kit is a nice kit for modernizing an AK. This specific kit will accommodate wiring a battery to the rear crane stock. With a little help from, it was a straight forward install which I can give equal credit to G&P and TM for the quality builds of their respected products. (G&P does NOT provide install instructions). Once installed it's a rock solid AK giving it an even more evil appearance ;P

I problem to note. The foregrip top rail is almost too high. You can barely see the front post using iron sights. Not a problem if you choose to use electronic optics.

In the pic above I've already modified the kit by adding the Clubfoot stock, GWS SOPMOD Bolt and Selector and a Real K-VAR KFH Flash Hider with -14mm thread conversion.

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • AK47 Metal Body Set (GP430A)
  • AK47 Tactical Front Set with Grip (Black) (GP468)
  • AK RAS Folding Grip (Black) (GP513A)
  • AK47 Extended Battery Stock
  • QD Sling Clip
  • AK47 Waffle Pattern Magazine (Black) (150rds) (GP581)
  • Battery Holster to prevent short circuit
  • T-Shape Connector Wire for recharge
  • T-Shape Connector Set
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