Tacticool Multicam Shorts
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Me
Type: Shorts

To be perfectly honest, I've been on the fence about Multicam since the Chinese copies of it released. I was an early adopter of MC, buying the real Crye Precision stuff from SKD. But just like the clone AEG's it was bound to happen.

Multicam Shorts

So I think I found a good use for the knock off MC pants at least! I made a set into shorts. (My "Boss" lets me wear shorts to work). And when I tally all the costs up, $25ish for the pants and $10 to alter them to shorts it's about the same price as decent cargos anyway.

Multicam Shorts

Just for reference, you can see and feel the difference between real Crye MC and the Chinese copies.

Multicam Comparisons: Left: SKDTac Pants - 20+ Washes. Middle: Multicam HT Fabric - 0 Washes. Right: Fake MC - 2 Washes

After only 2 washings the knock off multicam showed visible signs of fading. My SKD's made out of real Crye multicam have shown no fading after over 20+ washes. The middle is a fabric bolt form Crye that has been unwashed for comparison.

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