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Tokyo Model Company
Hong Kong

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TMC has been around for years, I just never found anything of interest to order until recently. There website is a little problematic though and it lists items in stock when they are not.

I ended up ordering a couple of items from TMC, just to see how well they work. They work the usual Hong Kong way of taking your order, and sending you an email back quoting shipping. With other HK retailers this happens usually overnight, but there was about a 1 day difference with TMC's replies. The quote with shipping charges came back, and I paid with paypal immediately, but it took TMC 3 days to acknowledge the payment and another 4 days after to ship the products. they claim Easter caused the delay which I believe was fair.

Shipment came in this morning,but a problem with 1 of the parts, The Nitro.Vo - Battery Box Type-E,  was the wrong color. I ordered it in Black, not Sand.  Out of the hundreds of airsoft orders I've placed with Hong Kong retailers, this will be the first "mistake" I've had.

I'll keep you posted on how they after sales support is and if/how they fix this little problem.


Recieved an email back stating they will excahnge the product back for the correct color, but paying double International shipping isn't sitting right with me (I could have bought this same part from a regular HK retailer with out a problem).  Will keep you guys posted.  


Replacement item received in the proper color. It was an unfortunate mistake, but TMC was very professional and apologetic about the mistake and credited me the shipping charge for the return.


I have placed a 2nd order to use that shipping credit and want to give TMC another chance to place an order. Wil keep you posted on the turnaround.


I was informed by TMC that an item I already paid for was "not in stock".  This seems to be a problem with their website showing products in stock that are not. While its a little frustating as a customer, I simply asked for a different part to be substituted. Overall on this 2nd order I lost $1.00 due to the cost of the replacement part being $1.00 cheaper.  Not gonna fight for it though.


2nd order received.

I think I gave TMC a few chances now, but I'd have to probably not recommend them based solely on the fact I haven't had these types of problems with WGC, UN, Den, Redwolf and other HK retailers.  If you do order, double check on stock and color variants before you paypal.   

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