G&G Mustang - MICH Helmet
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: G&G (Taiwan)
Type: Gear

G&G Mustang - MICH Helmet

I seem to collect military helmets and this is my latest. The G&G Mustang - MICH Helmet. The MICH helmet is the latest "Special Forces" version of the PASGT helmet used by the Army. It's simular in shape to the PASGT, but does not have a bill or lip on the front of the helmet. The MICH also utilizes a paratrooper style chin strap or 4 point restraint system.

So how does this replica fare? Well the material used on this helmet is NOT Kevlar, but it has the same thickness of a real Kevlar helmet with about 1/2 the weight. But don't let that statement mislead you, it has a very robust, weighty build. the internal padding system is very adjustable and the padding absobs energy well. The 4 point chinstrap does a great job of pulling the helmet tightly but comfortably to your head, so running around is no problem.

G&G Mustang - MICH Helmet + Accessories

I've added the following:

  • Paulson ATAC "Frag" Goggles
  • MICH 3 Color Desert Helmet Cover
  • Eagle Goggle Cover
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