King Arms - AK Stock Adapter
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: King Arms (Hong Kong)
Type: Stock Adapter

King Arms - AK Stock Adapter

The King Arms - AK Stock Adapter is an affordable and cleverly designed add-on for most full stock AK47 and AK74 bodies. It's made mostly of a reinforced plastic or resin and lets you easily add an M4 style butt stock to an AK.

King Arms - AK Stock Adapter in Element AK74 Metal Body

The adapter is already set for rear wiring of a battery capable stock. Adn comes with the QD Sling Swivel. I have dry fit this adapter onto the following AK bodies:

  • TM AK47 Plastic Body - Fits Perfectly. Durability questionable since Plastic Body + Plastic Stock Adapter + Metal Stock Tube may not be the most durable in the long run.
  • TM Compatible AK47 Metal Bodies (CA, King Arms, Prime, DTP, Element) - Fits well. In some cases some sanding may be needed. Not the adapters fault though.
  • AK74 Style Full Stock Metal Bodies (Element) - Fits but needs dremelling. Also not the adapters fault.

Installation was EXTREMELY easy. Installation manual here.

King Arms - AK Stock Adapter on AK74 Mutt

King Arms - AK Stock Adapter

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