Marushin - M500 U.S. Version
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Marushin (Japan)
Type: Gas Pump Shotgun

Marushin - M500 U.S. Version

The Marushin - M500 U.S. Version is a model Marushin specifically built for the U.S. market. Some of its' internals have been beefed up to reliably handle Green Gas and this model fires 3 bbs per shot. Appearance and feel wise, this is 1 of the most realistic airsoft replicas of a real steel gun. Even the sound of racking the pump sounds as if your loading a shell.

Marushin - M500 U.S. Version. Nice Sticker Design ;)

The internal tube feed style magazine carries 48 bb's (16 - 3 shots). The gas reservoir is also internal.

I chrono'd using AEX's In shop radar chrono and at home with my Chrony light based chronograph. The results using Marushin's .27 gram 8mm bb's were surprisingly high if you take into account all measurement were based on 3 shots

Chrono Results (FPS)
.27 8mm BB's Triple Shot
Min: 342.73
Max: 362.42
Avg: 351.21

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