Wolf M97 - MK23 LAM Unit
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: RedWoflAirsoft (Hong Kong)
Type: Gear

Wolf M97 - MK23 LAM Unit

This LAM unit by Wolf sports both a tactical light and laser and is designed for use on any MK23 gun. The tactical light is a Surefire P60 clone and the unit uses 2 CR123A batteries that most tac light use.

Wolf M97 - MK23 LAM Unit

The unit is mostly plastic except for the tac light bulb housing. The light is very bright as it shoudl be. It's very easy to install on an MK23 and the $88.00 price makes it the most affordable LAM with laser and tac light available for any hand gun.

One big downside for me though... There are 2 seperate switches to turn the light or laser on. These are both pressure switches on the left side of the LAM. There is no "constant on" function to these switches and the placement of the switches makes holding the gun adn operating the swithches a bit awkward. It also is taller the the stock Marui LAM and will not fit in a KSC MK23 Holster.
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