Retailer - PointAct - USA
Written by ORCA   


PointAct sells the bargain ACM (All Chna Made) products you can also find at Gunner and RSOV in Hong Kong. But PointAct is located in the U.S. in Utah. They are a few weeks behind the ACM Hong Kong Retailers in getting stock, but their fair domestic U.S. shipping prices and the fact their prices aren't that much higher then what you see from Hong Kong make it worth the wait.   (Shipping from HK on an AEG = $80-$100.  Domestic Ground Shipping from PointAct. for an AEG = $12-$20)

Reliabilty wise, if the prodcuts in stock, for all my orders, they shipped the day after order is placed. If you pre-order a product, they have great communication and keep you informed of status until the product ships.

And if you can qualify for dealer pricing, it's aggresively lower:


Galaxy MP5k
Regular = $80.00
Dealer = $65.00

A&K M249
Regular = $360.00
Dealer = $300.00

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