Star - "Brittle" Grip
Written by ORCA   

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Manufacturer: Star Airsoft (Hong Kong)
Type: Pistol Grip

Star - Battle "Brittle" Grip

I have been a long time satisfied customer of Star Airsoft, from purchasing their Special Forces Crane Stock and Low Cap Magazine Box Set a few years back. Unfortunately I either recently got a lemon, or Star's using some pretty shoddy plastic as of late.

Star - Battle "Brittle" Grip

I Installed the grip on my VLTOR Modified TM M4 about 2 months ago. Grip felt nice a ergo, but tended to get warm during sustained full auto fire. It's been basically in and out of the rifle bag 3-4 times and never in field. A few days ago I pull the AEG out and hear "snap". A crack had opened near the centerline of the back strap and internally pieces cracked and were chipping off.

Star - Battle "Brittle" Grip

Bottom line, the AEG sat in the rifle bag for about 2 months... And it broke due to non use ;(

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