CREE - Q5 LED Tactical Light Bulb Assembly
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: CREE
Type: Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

LED Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

I kept coming across these LED Bulb assemblies on Ebay. I already own an Inova T2 LED and Surefire G2 LED and have been more then happy with their performance.

CREE - Q5 LED Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

These assemblies go for about $20.00 shipped from Hong Kong and claim a 270 lumen output, it was an affordable experiment waiting to be paypal'd.

Received the LED assembly about 5 days after payment. The assembly comes with 2 contact springs. The large outer one may need to be removed to fit into some lights. But it's a drop in fit. This assembly fit and functioned in all my Surefire G2's and 6p's as well as my G&P Surefire clones.

So is it really 270 Lumens??? I fitted the Q5 into 1 of my Surefire G2's and plopped new CR123a's on all lights (Gah...exspensive). Lights were about 15 feet from wall.

CREE - Q5 vs. Surefire G2 LED

CREE - Q5 vs. Surefire P6 Incandescent

CREE - Q5 vs. Inova T2 LED

Definitely an affordable option for those who already own incandescent tactical lights. Lumen output is very impressive. Will report later on battery life and durability.

EDIT 04/2008

I ended up buying 3 full lights, that use this same bulb assembly for my shop. All metal fabrication, but not a Surefire compatible body. Although you can still swap the bulb assemblies around.

CREE - Q5 Full Light

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