Magpul - XTM Rail Panels
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Manufacturer: Magpul
Type: Rail Panels

Magpul - XTM Rail Panels

The Magpul - XTM Rail Panels are a low profile, easy to install, but will remain securely attached. Magpul's description:

The new low-profile XTM™ Rail Panels are a two-piece design that attaches anywhere on the rail without having to remove previously-mounted accessories. The combination of design and material used in the XTM™ Panels ensures they will remain securely in place under all operating conditions, but may be easily removed using the tips of two rounds when necessary.

Magpul - XTM Rail Panels

FDE XTM Rail arrived today. Upon more usage I am liking the XTM's more an more.

Magpul - XTM Rail Panels FDE

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