HL1-A-TN - Helmet/Weapon Light
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: ACM
Type: Helmet/Weapon Light

HL1-A-TN - Helmet/Weapon Light

This is a clone of the Surefire HL1-A-TN Helmet Light System. Ebaybanned put these on sale for $19.95 including international shipping, to apologize to their regular customers for some shipping delays.

HL1-A-TN - Helmet/Weapon Light

The build is OK., definetly NOT Surefire quality, but passable for the price. The unit runs off 1 CD123A Lithium battery. This unit by no means compares with a Surefire P60 tactlight in lumen output. The LED's on this unit are for personal illumination and IFF identity.

Switch operation as follows:

Upper Switch

  • Toggle Up - 3 White LED's
  • Toggle Middle - Off
  • Toggle Down - 2 Blue LED's

Lower Switch

  • Toggle Up - Side IFF LED
  • Toggle Down - IFF Off

Side Push button

  • Controls 3 levels of brightness on front LED's

HL1-A-TN - Helmet/Weapon Light RIS Mount

This unit shipped with:

  • Helmet Mount
  • R.I.S. Mount
  • Cap Bill Mount

The RIS mount was a nice addition, but with the low level light output of the LED's, I'm not sure how effective rail mounting this system is. But this unit is low profile enough to be mounted on an upper M16 rail and sights can still be used.

HL1-A-TN - Helmet/Weapon Light RIS Mount