Duratrax - Piranha and Onyx 230 Chargers
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Duratrax
Type: Battery Chargers and Related

I've gone through my fair share of chargers for airsoft batteries over the years. Had a few Radio Shack Wall Warts and TLP chargers. But my longest lasting, best performing charger has been my Duratrax Piranha.

Duratrax - Piranha

I've had my Duratrax Piranha Digital Peak Charger since 2004. It can save setting for up to 10 presets. and it's a programmable for 6 different features:

Tailor operation to your specific battery types with these programmable features:
Feature Programmable Range
Battery Type NiCd, NiMH - 1-8 cells
Charge Current 0.1-5.0A
Battery Capacity 50-5000mAh
Peak Sensitivity 3-20mV
Trickle Current 0, 100, 200mA
Sounds 5

IIRC I purchased this for under $50.00 and has performed well since purchase.

Duratrax - Onyx 230 Advanced AC/DC Charger

I purchased the Duratrax Onyx 230 since it support LiPo, Li-Ion and LiFe battery charging. Most of this decision was based on the years of service my Duratrax Piranha has given me. It also has 10 programmable presets and a multitude of programming options.

Great Planes - Equinox LiPo Balancer

The Onyx 230 does not come with an onboard LiPo balancer. I went with the Equinox balancer from the recommendation of the distributor.

Will update this post with more info as I have more time with this Charger and Balancer combination.