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Ebaybanned / EBAirsoft

Purchased initially when the site opened in Oct 2007.

This is a mainland China retailer and ALL prices on the site include International shipping. Ordered on Oct 2nd, shipment received Oct 5th. Ordered a couple of MC Combat Shirts, MC Range Vest, MC Waist Pack and M900A (Have to equip the posse for Halloween @ Disneyworld). Quality is Chinese copy level, so on par for what you are paying for.

2 weeks later I got an email from stating they had a new version of the MC Combat shirt shortly after my first order with them shipped. It was in their usual Chinglish, so I took it as a little marketing email on their end. Turns out the email was stating they were going to send me the new version of the MC Combat Shirt. The 1st generation had no velcro on the sleeves for patches. 2nd generation does and uses different material for the torso of the shirt. I was pleasantly surprised when I received 2 replacement shirts today at no charge and not by any request on my end.

Around Aug 2008, Ebaybanned did a little restructuring and hired a few more people. Their turn around times stretched out to 3-4 weeks. Turn around times seem to be getting better in 2009. Averaging about 2 weeks now.

Overall, I've placed 20+ orders to date. Just be patient and it's all good.

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