Toygun Tune Up File
Written by ORCA   
Toy Gun Tune Up File
Language: Japanese
Print Frequency: Annually

TGTUF (Toy Gun Tune Up File) is published by the same people who publish Arms and Hobby Japan Magazine, so the focus is on the "Hobby" of airsoft. The issue I currently have is 2003 and am keeping my eyes open for the 2004 version.

This book or MOOK (Half Magazine Half Book) as the Japanese call it, is full of "How To"s, pic by pic instructions and listings of most Japanese upgrade parts. It has step by step, pic by pic instructions of how to disassmeble all major AEG's, GBB's, NBB's and Springers. It's very informative and a great reference book for anyone who will be doing some major upgrades to their guns.

Even though the book is in Japanese, the pictures used are a great reference for most internal upgrade projects.

I hope to have the time to Highlight translate and post different issues and article I run across.