The Monkeys
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Who is Airsoft Monkey?

Like most things fun about airsoft, it's not just 1 person. Airsoft Monkey is comprised of a team of avid Airsoft, Real Steel and Web Development Industry Professionals.

Airsoft Monkey Team

  • Bottlelot - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • El Koba - Web Developer extraordinaire. Veteran of OIF and followed that up with a year as a web programming contractor back in Iraq.
  • Iron Horse - OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast.
  • Kyle - PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" :D
  • Lawrence - Employed at a large, Socal based airsoft retailer. Marine Corps veteran. Very active in airsoft community as a collector, player and airsoft event management.
  • New Aziel - Airsoft and gun retailer employee and gun enthusiast.
  • Ning - Professional photographer, Redback One Marketing Director and avid gun enthusiast.
  • ORCA - Admin. Owner of Tactical Goods Manufacturer.
  • uscmCorps - Entertainment industry professional, PTS by Magpul representative avid airsofter and gun enthusiast.
  • Wedge - DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.

Want to be a Monkey?

We are always looking for content contributors. We do ask that our contributors have at least few years of hands on airsoft experience and have a diverse range of airsoft interest. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Would also like to give thanks to all our generous site sponsors:

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