Gunner, The Military DVD Magazine
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Gunner, The Military DVD Magazine

Here's a neat, airsoft magazine produced DVD, of real steel and real gun manufacturers.  I figured there would be some interest on this site since we have fans of both.

The Gunner DVD Magazine series is being produced by ARMs Magazine (Very popular Japanese airsoft magazine) and HobbyJapan. This is pretty much the only airsoft tie-in other then the WA and Marui ads in the small MOOK included.  Even though an airsoft magazine is producing the DVD, this is a 100% Real Steel pr0n DVD!

Vol 1-  Language: Japanese/English

Box - Front Cover

Magazine - Front Cover

Box set includes:
  • Box with integrated Magazine
  • 8pcs Business card sized photo cars/calendars
  • 4:3 NTSC DVD

Business card sized calendars

Contents include:
  • Strategos International (M4, P90, G36, MP5A3)
  • Heckler & Koch Defense (HK416, XM320GLM, P2000's, USP's, water Suppressor)
  • Remington Military Products Division (M24A2SWS, M870MCS, XM110)
  • Iron Brigade Armory (Armory, Sniper Training)
  • Robert Silvers Collection (M14 Crazy Horse, M14A1, M4, AKS74U, MP5A3, AUG)
  • Cobra Gold 05 (Mk19Mod3, M2)
  • And More... (JGSDF Tsuchiura Weapons School, and other bits)

DVD Jacket Insert

This is a much better DVD then the 12/2004 Arms Magazine, Real Steel trip to the Philippines. Much more technical info and direct from manufacturers.  But no semi hot girls shooting guns.

The visit to HK-USA was AWESOME! Showing a real 416 in action and under the imfamous HK/XM8 dirt/water test. A nice "off the hip" shot of a XM320, through a tire 100yards downrange.   The Remington  870 MCS, Modular Combat System, has QD stocks and barrels And a Remington  SR-25 which they jsut teased you with.. This one guys collection, Robert Silvers, is insane and so large its held in a "bunker".

This DVD is some great eye candy regardless of language.  Most interviews are done in English though.

Volume 2 - Kalishnokov

Volume 2 Kalashnikov!!!

This version is a Japanese version, so all Magazine text is in Japanese and no subtitles.  But as the previous DVD, most interviews are in English... even in Russia.

Contents include:
  • ROST 2005 Russian Military Show.
  • Spetsnaz Training
  • Dinner with Kalishikov
  • Tour Sig Sauer Factory
  • Tour Barret Factory
  • Low Light technique
  • Systema (Nothing to do with Systema Japan)
  • HK Defense
  • SOF Week 2005

The Included MOOK in in Japanese text only, and has ads from WA and Marui.

This Volume spends a majority of time in Russia, but luckily the people they deal with in Russia  speak english.

The trip to watch the Sptenaz training was interesting, especailly the fact they do CQB training with live rounds as other team members holding targets on sticks that pop out behind doors...  I'd hate to be the FNG in Spetznaz training.  The Kalishnikov dinner was interesting, although it seems Kalishnikov has given the same speech many times now.  And the trips/tours to the Sig and Barrett factories were awesome.

Now available in the US at AEX.

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Merry Christmas 2006!

Just for you loyal DW readers. I ripped a segment form the Gunner 01 DVD. This is the visit to HK Defense.

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