Magpul PTS - Folding Pocket Gun (FPG) Airsoft SMG kit
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MAGPUL Folding Pocket Gun (FPG) Airsoft SMG kit

History: The MAGPUL Folding Pocket Gun (FPG) (formerly called FMG9) is a conceptual prototype. It is a rapidly-deployable, ultra-concealable personal defense weapon currently in development for military, law-enforcement and private security operators. It is designed to offer maximum firepower and control in a compact and discreet package. The non-firing prototype was unveiled during the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV and features a streamlined polymer casing, ready-to-fire push-button deployment, G17 slide assembly, capability to accept up to 31-Round G18 magazines (in the folded position), top Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913A) rail and a detachable carry handle with light shield. An Insight Technologies tactical light was mounted on the prototype. Additional space allows for an auto-sear to be installed for qualified users.

Recently, I was able to get my hands on the new FPG thanks to Airsoft Extreme. Once I got it home, the first thing I noticed was the box was serialized:

Once I opened the box the FPG was neatly packed with instructions and accessories:

Once I flipped open the FPG and looked it over, I noticed that the FPG was serialized with the same number as the box:

The first thing you will notice once the FPG kit is extended is that the whole make up of this kit is 100% polymer. It is very sturdy and when you hold it, the body does not flex compared to maybe a Tokyo Marui plastic body. Also, if you look at the charging handle, it is set up for a left handed shooter, later you will see I changed out the charging handle for a right handed shooter.

The instruction manual is very easy to follow. I will make mention that you DO NOT have to install the loading nozzle as mentioned in the instructions. I bypassed this step and everything works flawlessly. Another word of caution is when you get to step 13, you will have to remove the spring from the included selector switch and cut the spring till it sits flush to the selector switch. The spring is too long and when you try and set the selector switch into the valve block, it will not sit correctly. Once the valve block has been reinstalled, the selector switch has been reinstalled, and the front and rear sites are removed, you can install the slide into the FPG.


The slide installs as easily as it would on any KWA Glock, but ensure your selector switch is in the neutral position to install onto the FPG.


Once the slide is installed you can select your fire mode, in my case, I placed the slide on semi-auto.


Once the slide has been installed and everything has been tested to ensure everything functions correctly, you can install your upper part of the FPG.


On a side note, the FPG will not close with the standard KWA Extended magazine cap. Included with all FPGs is a MAGPUL magazine base plate which is short enough that it will allow the FPG to close properly.



10 May 2010 update:

-The MAGPUL PTS FPG is a kit, you will need to provide the slide from either a KWA or KSC Glock 18C airsoft gun.

-For those who do not have the KWA/KSC extended magazine for the G17/18C series airsoft guns, you can use your standard magazines.  You will have to remove the stock base plate and install the included MAGPUL magazine base plate so that the magazine will properly fit in the pistol grip.

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