Maruzen - Tactical Light MT-1
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: Maruzen (Japan)
Type: Tactical Weapon Light

Maruzen Tactical Light MT-1

I own the G&P M3 and G&G GM3 II Tactical Weapon Light Systems and must say this Maruzen MT-1 is the most adaptable. The MT-1 uses a "screw on" attachment to secure the weapon light instead of a spring clip type on the previously mentioned lights. No more broken spring clips on this light.

The MT-1 has an ambidextrious on/off switch (Unlike the G&G GM3) but this unit does not seem to have "Constant On". The G&P M3 and real steel Insight M3 have the best designed switches of an M3 or clone IMHO.

Maruzen Tactical Light MT-1 with 20mm Rail Attachment Installed

The MT-1 Also has a second 20mm Rail Attachment that will adapt this light to any rail mount system.

Maruzen Tactical Light MT-1 on WA Doberman

The MT-1 is also a bit larger then the other M3 clones and I feel it looks better on large frame guns. While an M3 clone looks great on a Glock, I think it's a bit small on an MK23 or 1911 type. The MT-1 is a nice size step between the other M3 and an MK23 LAM.

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