Thunder B - Flash Bang Package - Orange
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Thunder B (China)
Type: Sound Distraction Grenade

Thunder B - Flash Bang Package - Orange

The Thunder B - "Flash Bang" Grenade is distraction device that's sole purpose is to create a loud bang.

The grenade uses a 12 gram CO2 caplet to fill and burst a hard plastic shell. This results in a very loud bang. The shells and CO2 caplets are 1 time use, but the rest of the device (CO2 housing, trigger spoon, pin mechanism) is reusable. Spare plastic shells run about $1.00 per and CO2 caplets $.75, so it's not too expensive per grenade.

There's about a 2-5 second delay from the time you release the spoon and the grenade bursts. I threw 1 on my lawn to test. It blew a small divot in through the lawn to the dirt. I wouldn't want to be holding 1 in hand when they fired.

These are louder then AI Tornado Distraction Device Grenades.

The latest addition that Thunder B added are the Orange (or Grey) Cover Rings. These reinforce the grenade shells and force them to burst more loudly down the sides of the shell body.

Thunder B - Flash Bang Package - Orange

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