Otaku Imaging - Cat Shit One - Subdued Tan Patch
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: Otaku Imaging (USA)
Type: Morale Patch

Otaku Imaging - Cat Shit One - Subdued Tan Patch

We don't talk about individual Morale Patches on here enough. But it's probably 1 of the most commonly and regularly purchased "tacticool" items.

Our friends at Otaku Imaging have created a 2nd version of the Cat Shit One Unit Patch. This patch is modeled after the original Cat Shit One Unit Patch as seen in the original Japanese comic book. Measure approx: 3" Tall x 1.85" Wide.

Since the original comic took place in the Vietnam era, OI has taken artistic license to modernize the patch with subdued desert tan colors and Velcro backed it to work with modern gear. Limited production run!

Interested in buying a patch or 2? For sale here.


What is Cat Shit One? Video preview below: Or check out an airsoft replica of the SR-47 used in the animation here.

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