Black Bear Airsoft - Mesh Masks
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Manufacturer: Black Bear Airsoft
Type: Protection

Black Bear Airsoft - Mesh Masks. TMC Masks for quality comparison.

Black Bear Airsoft is offering a line of high quality Mesh Masks for airsoft use. Our friend Booligan on AirsoftRetreat supplied us with the 3 masks pictured above on the right.

Black Bear Airsoft vs TMC Masks for metal mesh quality comparison

I happened to have a few TMC Masks here so I could do a 1:1 comparison between the 2. The BBA masks use a high grade, low carbon steel mesh that's powder coated. The mesh gauge is beefier them the TMC's and doesn't flex as much. The BBA masks also have a much nicer finish of the stitched parts of the mask.

While I only have 3 examples of the BBA masks, they offer 44 variants of mesh mask products, differing in color and style.

Black Bear Airsoft - Shadow Mask

The BBA Shadow Mask is the lowest profile mask they offer. It comes with 2 straps. 1 for behind the neck and the other for around the crown of the head. This makes the mask stay in place even under rigorous activity. As you can see it only covers the nose, mouth and partial cheeks. Works well with goggles, but you may want to bend the mesh out to suit your face.

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Black Bear Airsoft - Reaper Mask

The BBA Reaper Mask is a full frontal face protection mask. You wear goggles over the mask for eye protection. It only covers the front of your face and is not head wear compatible. I like the fact they added a bunch of loop Velcro for morale patches. When working with goggles, take a little getting used to. There's pressure from the masks strap systems and the added goggle strap adds more. You may want to bend the mesh out to suit your face as above.

Black Bear Airsoft - Razor Mask

The BBA Razor Mask is a full face protection mask. Is compatible with most eye glasses to wear under the mask. You may want to bend the mesh out to suit your face as above.

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