Javelin Airsoft Works - AK74 EBB
Written by Kyle   

This review is for the Javelin Airsoft Works AK-74 EBB. This is a preliminary review that will be updated in the future.

I. Specifications

Here are the AEG's specifications (which I stole from ^-^

  • Metal / Wood furniture
  • Method of Operation: Electric Blowback (EBB)
  • Fire Control Selection: Safe-Semi-Full Auto Selectable
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Battery Type: up to a 10.8v Stick NiMH Type *
  • Average Velocity: 420 feet per second * with 0.20g BBs
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire: 750-850 rounds per minute
  • Overall Length: 950mm
  • Weight: 3050g
  • Barrel Length: 460mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 500rd

* My AEG is utilizing a 9.6V stick type battery, and averaged 365FPS on a real steel and airsoft chronograph with .20 Javelin Competition Match Grade BBs.

II. First Impressions

I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the box. Everything was in place and securely packaged for easy removal (if you would like to share this experience there is an annoying 12 year old with ADHD on Youtube with a video). Chinese airsoft guns have obviously improved more in the past few years than their actual military has in a decade.

The AEG is solid with a slight textured metal, and real wood furniture. The pistol grip is made of a quality polymer and also has a very slight texture. I'm not a dendrologist so I can't comment on the wood itself other than it is lightweight and has a decent coloring to it.
The AEG's user should always check over any new airsoft gun for defects or loose fasteners before use. I found that my AEG's buttstock and front sight base were slightly loose. The rifle became much more solid once these two items were snugged up.

III. AEG Operation

The Javelin Airsoft Works AK-74 with .20 BB's averaged 365FPS on two different chronographs. The AEG has a fast rate of fire using a 9.6V battery, and the electronic blowback action worked without a hitch on both semi and full automatic firing modes. The EBB action is crisp and a fun feaure. This AEG is fairly loud due to the EBB function.

The battery (9.6V used) is installed by removing the dust cover and inserting it carefully into the rifle's faux gas tube. The battery fits snugly and won't slide out of place. The dust cover can then be reinstalled taking care not to snag any of the wiring.

Hop up is set using a push/pull type adjustment, and helps the rifle achieve fairly long range and accurate shots. I am interested to see how much better it could get with some simple hop up upgrades. The front and rear sights are also adjustable, but it is unlikely that the user will need to do so.

One high capacity magazine is included with the AEG. It works great, looks appropriate, and will be beneficial to a newer player who has not yet bought mid cap magazines (because everyone knows high caps are for newbs).

IV. Miscellaneous

The rifle actually has an AKM style stock instead of the Warsaw Pact length AK-74 stock. It is hollow with room for a few items, but the trapdoor on the butt stock's plate is not functional.

The handguards remove very similarly to the real steel version and sit very tight once snugged up.

The muzzle brake is threaded on, but glued with a set screw. The entire front sight and brake assembly can be removed by loosening one screw. The cleaning rod is obviously non functional, and helps realign the front sight assembly for installation.

The dust cover does a wobble a bit, but that isn't uncommon for airsoft and real steel AK variants.

V. Pictures

JAW high cap magazine and BBs

Front sight, muzzle brake, and faux cleaning rod.

Front sight

Wooden handguards. You can snug these up if need be by gently adjusting the handguard lock lever counter clockwise.

Rear sight

Receiver with Javelin Airsoft Works

Unique Javelin Airsoft Works serial number, and optics mount. Unsure on what specifications the mount was built to.

Pulling the charging handle to the rear reveals the hop up adjustment.

Pistol grip

Dust cover button. This is a normal wear area.

Dust cover removed: battery, wiring, and blowback mechanism are visible.

Stock with sling swivel

VI. In Game Performance Review

to be continued...

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