Beta Project - Tactical AK
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Beta Project (Hong Kong)
Type: AEG

Beta Project - Tactical AK

The Beta Project - Tactical AK was modelled after a real SAIGA in 5.56, built for Tactical guru Travis Haley when he was still with Magpul Dynamics. It was made for him by E-Tac (aka and

E-Tac - SAIGA 5.56 built for Travis Haley

The Beta Project, airsoft version is based off an AK AEG and functions as a type 3 gearbox AK would. It has a metal body which is modified to take an M4 buffer tube. At 7.8 pounds, it is 1 of the heavier metal bodies AK's I've had a chance to review. It takes a stick type battery under the top cover and I was able to easily fit a 9.6 NiMH battery. A Beta Project- 140 Round AK Magazine which is modelled after the 5.56 AK magazine, is included. The AEG also include 2 pistol grips. It ships with a black AK style grip installed and has a SAW Style grip you can switch to if you want. I kept the AK grip on since it's smaller.

It also ships with a Krinkov Style Flash Hider. I chose to swap out the Flash Hider for the Magpul PTS - AAC Blackout 51T Flash Hider so I could add the Magpul PTS - AAC Silencer. Magpul PTS - CTR Stock and full metal, UltiMAK style upper and lower foregrip rails are also included.

Beta Project - Tactical AK - Magpul PTS AAC Silencer, AMP Tactical Compact Combat Dot Scope and Tango Down Battle Grip are not included.

1 of the unique additions to this AEG is the Ambidextrous charging Handle modification. On this AEG it only functions to pull the fake bolt cover back to expose the Hop-Up slider. The charging handles are the same style as used on the Magpul PTS - Masada ACR.

Beta Project - Tactical AK

The inner barrel extends past the flash hider threads about 2", but the included Krinkov style flash hider will cover it. This AEG has 14mm CCW threads, so most airsoft flash hiders and silencers will work.

Beta Project - Tactical AK

I test fired using the following AK magazines:

  • Classic Army - AK74 140 Round
  • Classic Army - AK47 150 Round
  • CYMA - AK74 600 Round
  • MAG - AK74 100 Round
  • MAG - AK Waffle 100 Round
  • Tokyo Marui - AK 70 Round
  • Tokyo Marui - 600 Round

All above fit and fired correctly.

Average fps with .20 bb's is 419 fps

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