SHOT Show 2012
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Airsoft Monkey's Staff just returned from SHOT Show 2012! This year, we added a few new contributors to the AM staff.

  • Zak (Bottlelot) Holman - Investigative Journalist / Freelance Videographer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Avid gun shooter for 6 years. Marc Stanton - Photographer.
  • Iron Horse - OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast.
  • New Aziel - Airsoft and gun store employee and gun enthusiast.
  • Kyle - PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" :D

Join our existing crew:

  • Ning - Professional photographer and Redback One Marketing Director
  • Wedge - DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps - Entertainment industry professional and PTS by Magpul representative.
  • and ORCA

This year we had a large crew able to attend Media Day at the Range. This is the day before SHOT Show, where you can actually shoot many offerings from firearms manufacturers.

AM Crew - Media Day at the Range

Any pictures or video taken outdoors were most likely at Media Day at the Range. Indoor shots or video were taken at SHOT Show.



Bottlelot's Videos - All Videos posted to this channel -

Please keep checking back as we keep adding video and pictures.

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