Element - Surefire M910A Replica
Written by Beserk DS   

I've been looking for a nice M910A replica since the Chinese started cloning them. I bought one that was actually not too bad, but the materials could have been better. That where Element stepped in. I purchased this from, after trying to track one down on other websites.

The Weapon light comes in a nice box, until you open it only to reveal poor packaging. Im not sure if they all come without some sort of foam insert but mine did not come with any.
The shell of the light is made of some really good materials. Reminds me of the polymer used in Pmags.
One thing that's always bothered me about element (or all ACM companies in general) is that a lot of their metal parts come either rusted or paint is already worn on the edges. My rail screws came rusted and my bezel came worn.
A few things that are different about the element's replica is that its an LED version rather than incandescent. Also, this version comes with full trades which is a huge plus (element also makes a version without trades). BUT the color of the battery latch and the bezel are not the correct coloring to the real one. Also, the finish and materials are also not close to the real thing, but still nice none the less. Another nice touch was the rubber covers that cover the navigational lights, no other replica has them.
Here is it mounted to my TM CQB-R
Its a bright light, about 200 lumen. Nothing you haven't seen before in your typical tactical LED light.

-The best replica (quality) on the market.
-Surefire Trademarks.

-Not a perfect replica of the real counterpart.
-Quality of the metal is not the best.

Pro? Con?:
-Pressure switches are not like anything I've seen before, so time will show how they hold up.

Feel free to comment with any questions!