Hero Arms - G3 C-Mag Electric
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Hero Arms
Type: Magazine

As you can seen by my AEG's I do like the G3 family of rifles. So when it was announced on Arnie's that there was a new electric C-mag available, I order one that day from War4 Airsoft, Hong Kong.

Hero Arms - G3 C-Mag Electric Drum Magazine

Since it was such a new release there was about a 4 day shipping delay from War4, that they said was Hero Arm's delay. I did end up getting the mag as promised though.

Hero Arms - G3 C-Mag Electric Drum Magazine

From the pictures I had seen I knew that this C-Mag was a much better desing then the Mosquito Molds MOSMAG for the G3 I picked up about a year ago. And I was not disappointed at all opening the Hero Arms box. Great build quality and very nice C-Mag Replica.

Operation wise it's pretty straight forward. But the motor is about 3 times louder then and of my mechboxes or my DTP Electric C-Mag for my M4's (The DTP C-mag uses a r/c sevo motor. Will find out more on the Hero version).

The detachable remote switch is a nice feature unless it somehow gets lost in the field.

I got an email from a user on Arnie's asking where the batteries go. When I recieved mine the battteries we already installed but I'll post anyway.

You need to remove 3 phillips head screws from the center harness and 2 allen screw on the left side plate to have access to the battery compartment. The large phillips head in the center of the left plate is NOT A REAL SCREW ;)

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