KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun
Written by ORCA   
Manufacturer: KSC (Japan)
Type: GBB

Project Update 03-22-04

KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun - Tamiya Acrylic Paint

Hooray! Metal Slide is now painted and works great!

Well I ended up stripping the Powder Coating and wet painting the slide with Tamiya Acrylic. The powder coating was just too thick to be used on a slide and barrel. But after abotu 3 coats of wet paint, it came out great and I need to take Guinness' advise on taking pics Wink . I'll post better pics later. The metal slide functions as it should. Decreased my ROF about half so may need to get an upgraded valve.

Project Update 03-15-04

KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun - Powder Coated Slide

The Powder Coating Experiment...

Luckily my parent's own a powder coating factory, so I put my bare aluminum slide on the line today after carefully masking the slide grooves.

Why Powder Coat? Outside of the fact for me it's free, powder coating is a very durable way to coat metal (So durable it's a biyatch to sand!). Very scratch and ding resistant. The process involves the powder paint and a 400degree oven, so anything that will melt needs to be stripped.

My biggest concern with the slide was that powder coating is alot thicker then regular liquid paint, so I was concerned about all the TM. The picture doesn't show it well (I'm going to use Guinness' picture taking techniques during the day sometime) but the TM came out fine. The biggest prob was due to the base metal used on the Zeke slide. I was a very pourus aluminum casting adn outgassed during hte process, which reulted in the texture effect on the slide. I dunno now, I kinda like it Razz But I'll probably strip the slide and barrel tommorow adn try some other paintng technique next.

Stay Tuned...

Project Update 03-12-04

KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun - 2 Tone ROFL Laughing

I scored a Zeke Metal Slide and Barrel for $50.00. The only problem with it was the finish was wearing off. Above are pics of my initial cleaning for the parts. I will probably be sand blasting and either powder coating (the best powder coating shop - Gemtech Wink ) or painting the slide and barrel.. Now I just gotta make up my mind what to paint it... Marpat??? Razz


KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun

I came across an ad on for a KSC MK23 Heavyweight gun in need of repair for $75.00, so I just couldn't resist taking a look at it for the price and seeing how far I could get fixing it.

KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun

When I recieved the gun it looked as if it had been submerged in water or something since there was rust on all the metal parts. Luckily a little dilluted pholic acid and some Gun Bluing I have for my Real Steel guns took care of that. The gun fired, but the trigger stuck and you were lucky to get the hammer to lock and slide to return back to position. To top all that the magazine did not release or sit properly in the gun.

Comparison: Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB (top) KSC - HK MK23 Heavyweight - Project Gun (bottom)

I lucked out and purchased 2 parts that fixed the guns operations:
  • Shooters Design 150% Recoil Spring Set For KSC Socom Mk23
  • KSC MK23 Magazine
And everything works great now!!! I don't think i even needed the spring set but it really gives the gun a nice crisp return on the slide.

With the success of the base guns fixes, I've added the following:

  • Wolf Industries M97 LAM Unit (review here)
  • JUST Delta Force Silencer ( 30mm x 110mm )
  • First Factory MK23 Silencer Adapter (Converts the 16mm Clockwise adapter to a 14mm Clockwise Adapter)
So far everythigns great on the gun. It's really heavy, loud report, crisp action and to top all that it shoots well too!

KSC Assembly Guide

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