Maruzen - Remington M1100 Defender
Written by ORCA   

Manufacturer: Maruzen (Japan)
Type: GBB Semi -Auto Shotgun
Date Acquired: 07/2004

Maruzen - Remington M1100 Defender (Magazine Type)

I decided on getting this gun since it does NOT use the ejecting shotgun shells that the Defender II uses. The down side is the magazine only carries 18 bb's which gives you only 6 shots since it shoots 3 bb's at a time. You can easily alter the bolt to feed only 1 shot at a time though.

This gun wil take greengas no problem and the blow back is pretty insane. 1 problem using green gas is the piston head blows back so fast that it will only allow a single bb to load even with the 3 bb piston in place.

Maruzen - M1100 Defender + M4 Collapsibel Stock and Grip System

BUT the real reason I bought this was to modify and add a Real Steel, M4 Stock and Grip system to this gun. EDIT: This project was scrapped and moved to a Maruzen CA870.

Maruzen - Remington M1100 Defender

PDF manual available!

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